DigiMe Marketing For Chiropractors


DigiMe Marketing For Chiropractors SCAM On 06/20/2017 I entered into agreement with DigiMe Marketing for Chiropractors to run a Facebook Ads campaign After two weeks with no marketing campaign delivered, I began correspondence on 07/06/2017. On 07/08/2017 I requested a refund and on 07/10/2017 Allison Sima claimed marketing designs were ready for review and approval, [...]

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Chiropractor in Santa Clarita


Chiropractor in Santa Clarita If a chiropractor in Santa Clarita got over 100 Five Star reviews, without twisting or cracking anyone, would you go? When fast lasting relief matters most to you take a few minutes to watch this. Too many of us suffer needlessly because the thought of someone cracking our necks or [...]

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Low Back Pain Game Changer


Low Back Pain Game Changer When multi-million dollar sports professionals get spinal surgery we see the real value in avoiding surgery. Notably Tiger Woods and Steve Kerr got recent media attention for the real cost of their failed back surgeries. At one time Tiger Woods was considered by many as the best golfer of all [...]

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tinnitus ringing in the ears


Tinnitus ringing in the ears may have no cure.. But so many upper cervical care patients find significant relief that it deserves investigation. Nearly 90% of sufferers acquired nerve nerve damage from loud noise. These patients will respond less than others to any form of treatment. But the remaining 10%, about 5 million Americans, respond [...]

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Pain Relief Exposed


Pain Relief Exposed! The Functional Approach to Lasting Pain Relief Exposed Want a peek behind the scenes of finally cracking and more importantly hacking the pain code? Discover insider pain management secrets, banned from commercial media. The devastating costly lies force fed to us by ruthless profiteers of pain. Scary and surprising pain and brain [...]

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Walk It Off


Walk it off takes on a whole new meaning over 50. But nearly every age group and physical health level can benefit from walking. And with no need for gym membership, exercise equipment or personal training, walking ranks high in my no excuses ranking of user friendly exercises. Not only easy and accessible, walking has [...]

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Allergies Allergy Symptoms


Allergies! Allergy Symptoms include itchy eyes, runny nose, stuffy head, scratchy throat... And the extra rainy winter helped shift cold and flu season into allergy season. First I thought I caught a cold about a week ago because so many people I know had it. But when my eyes started feeling like I had fiberglass in [...]

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Pain Posture


Pain Posture Are You Currently Experiencing Pain Without An Immediate Injury To Blame? And are you looking for an answer different than... "once you reach a certain age... just fill this prescription at the pharmacy." Of course we all want quick and easy answers to our problems... But when it comes to pain, pills often [...]

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Car Accident Injuries


Car Accident Injuries 7 Deadly Sins Because What You Don't Know About What To Do After A Car Accident Can Hurt You Real Bad. No one gets hurt in a parking lot car accident. Since two 5 MPH cars crashing creates the same force as a 50 pound bag dropped on you, off the roof of a [...]

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healthcare affordable


In Reality, Can Anyone Make Healthcare Affordable? Amid the present political rants, health "insurance" rears an even uglier head. Since the recently released forecast of increased  premiums, some people look for political scapegoats. With this in mind, I respect your political beliefs, even if I do not share them. We all share in the get [...]

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