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  • Allergies Allergy Symptoms

    Allergies! Allergy Symptoms include itchy eyes, runny nose, stuffy head, scratchy throat... And the extra rainy winter helped shift cold and flu season into allergy season. First I thought I caught a cold about a week ago because so many people I know had it. But when my eyes started feeling like I had fiberglass in them I knew it was Continue Reading

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  • Pain Posture

    Pain Posture Are You Currently Experiencing Pain Without An Immediate Injury To Blame? And are you looking for an answer different than... "once you reach a certain age... just fill this prescription at the pharmacy." Of course we all want quick and easy answers to our problems... But when it comes to pain, pills often cause more problems than help. Continue Reading

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  • Car Accident Injuries

    Car Accident Injuries 7 Deadly Sins Because What You Don't Know About What To Do After A Car Accident Can Hurt You Real Bad. No one gets hurt in a parking lot car accident. Since two 5 MPH cars crashing creates the same force as a 50 pound bag dropped on you, off the roof of a one story building, even minor accidents Continue Reading

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  • healthcare affordable

    In Reality, Can Anyone Make Healthcare Affordable? Amid the present political rants, health "insurance" rears an even uglier head. Since the recently released forecast of increased  premiums, some people look for political scapegoats. With this in mind, I respect your political beliefs, even if I do not share them. We all share in the get less, pay more for "healthcare" Continue Reading

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  • Auto Accident Injury 3 Biggest Mistakes

    Auto Accident Injury 3 Biggest Mistakes In the first place, I didn't break any bones... So won't I just get better by automatically? While this seems to make sense, the truth is that bones usually heal 100%. On the other hand, even under ideal conditions soft tissue injuries only get 80% better. Another key point, often misunderstood, misdiagnosed and mistreated soft tissue injures can effect Continue Reading

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  • How You Sleeping

    How You Sleeping?   Seems like insomnia numbers are rising according to recent studies. Due to only three nights a week of interrupted sleep over a three month period qualifies. Of course most people don't worry unless it starts interfering with activities of daily living. While many people try medications, too many get worse from side effects. Since most sleep problems Continue Reading

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Santa Clarita Chiropractor Dr. Thomas Polucki provides fast, lasting pain relief...Back Pain, Sciatica, Neck Pain, Aching Knees, Headaches, Sports Injury and much more...

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Back Pain Relief
Back pain options Start Today...

A brief review of beliefs and the facts about treatment options, safety and satisfaction. The only thing worse than back pain is back pain that keeps coming back.


Concussion Sports Injuries
Get Back In The Game...

Sports injuries can take you out of the game, concussions can ruin your life.
Here is what you need to know.


Headache Relief
Headaches are a warning sign...

Headaches are common, so common that many people thing it is normal to have a headache on a regular basis.
There is nothing normal about recurring headaches.


Whiplash Relief
Whiplash Relief options Start Today...

Whiplash Relief Whiplash relief can only happen with proper treatment. Conventional sprain- strain symptomatic treatment rarely prevents long term and…


Shoulder Pain Relief
If you can avoid surgery you should try...

Shoulder Pain Relief is all you can think about when you feel like there is an invisible…


Sciatica Relief
Sciatica Relief does not always require surgery...

Does not always require prolonged physical therapy, expensive decompression treatments.


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