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  • Pain Posture

    Pain Posture Crippling Pain Without An Immediate Injury To Blame? Finally a better answer than... "once you reach a certain age... then just fill this prescription at the pharmacy." Of course we all want sound Twitter answers to our problems... But NO PILL FIXES POSTURE. In spite of what the commercials want you to believe... As a matter of fact, Continue Reading

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  • Better Cold Medicine

    Better Cold Medicine Since so many people got knocked on their butt with this cold, flu whatever... And more and more people don't want flu shots, antibiotics or toxic drugs... Now old school folk medicine remedies don't seem so silly. For this reason... In this sharing season... My Top 3 Candidates For Better Cold Medicine. Pineapple Juice Because the cool Continue Reading

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  • Winter Weight

    Winter Weight. Getting back to your beach body before you give up. Who else just packed on 5 pounds this weekend? With one more naughty party coming up this weekend... But then everyone's getting serious about their diet and exercise... Right? Sad Truth.. 9 out of 10 of us will give up by February. In spite of, signing a contract Continue Reading

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  • Activ8 Classes

    Activ8 Classes Plus The 5 Day Fast Diet This Once In A Lifetime Opportunity is LIMITED to the First Active 8 Early Adapters that RESPOND! Get the Complete 5 Day Fast Diet Plus 8 One Hour Semi-Private Training Sessions With A TEAM Of Seven Other Participants Because Accountability and Support Fosters Success. With the Support of Santa Clarita Chiropractor and Functional Medicine Continue Reading

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  • Thanksgiving Fast

    Thanksgiving Fast? Thanksgiving Fast er. Right? Of course we want faster prep, enjoy the best part, faster clean up and relax. But fasting on Thanksgiving? Sacrilege. Un-American. And yet how much easier, less stressful and let's face it, for most of us, a healthier option. Around Thanksgiving we do a food drive to benefit less fortunate families locally. Help the Continue Reading

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  • Car Accident Injuries

    Car Accident Injuries 7 Deadly Sins Because What You Don't Know About What To Do After A Car Accident Can Hurt You Real Bad. No one gets hurt in a parking lot car accident. Since two 5 MPH cars crashing creates the same force as a 50 pound bag dropped on you, off the roof of a one story building, even minor accidents Continue Reading

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Santa Clarita Chiropractor Dr. Thomas Polucki

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Santa Clarita Chiropractor Dr. Thomas Polucki provides fast, lasting pain relief...Back Pain, Sciatica, Neck Pain, Aching Knees, Headaches, Sports Injury and much more...

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Back Pain Relief
Back pain options Start Today...

A brief review of beliefs and the facts about treatment options, safety and satisfaction. The only thing worse than back pain is back pain that keeps coming back.


Concussion Sports Injuries
Get Back In The Game...

Sports injuries can take you out of the game, concussions can ruin your life.
Here is what you need to know.


Headache Relief
Headaches are a warning sign...

Headaches are common, so common that many people thing it is normal to have a headache on a regular basis.
There is nothing normal about recurring headaches.


Whiplash Relief
Whiplash Relief options Start Today...

Whiplash Relief Whiplash relief can only happen with proper treatment. Conventional sprain- strain symptomatic treatment rarely prevents long term and…


Shoulder Pain Relief
If you can avoid surgery you should try...

Shoulder Pain Relief is all you can think about when you feel like there is an invisible…


Sciatica Relief
Sciatica Relief does not always require surgery...

Does not always require prolonged physical therapy, expensive decompression treatments.

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