Walk It Off

Walk it off takes on a whole new meaning over 50.

But nearly every age group and physical health level can benefit from walking.
And with no need for gym membership, exercise equipment or personal training,
walking ranks high in my no excuses ranking of user friendly exercises.

Not only easy and accessible, walking has proven health benefits,
making it a favorite recommended exercise of doctors everywhere.

Unlike some exercises walking actually reduces strain on the heart. Because of the easy swinging and pumping actions of the legs and arms, the heart doesn’t have to work as hard to circulate blood.

And like most mild to moderate level exercises, walking reduces stress hormones which can help with managing diabetes.

Equally important, walking improves circulation and nerve activity in the brain which can improve mood and memory while reducing risk of stroke.

But most of us exercise to lose weight. And while walking may take some time to burn off belly fat, any exercise works a lot better than no exercise!

Furthermore walking reduces bad cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Not to mention walking strengthens your bones and fights osteoporosis.

Finally no drug in the world does as much good as walking!

Most people who can walk can walk a mile in twenty minutes, that takes about two thousand steps and burns 100 calories.

And it takes thirty five hundred calories to lose one pound of fat.

So just doing a twenty minute walk every morning without changing
anything else could help you lose a pound of fat every month.

Even though walking will never become the next Hollywood weight loss fad,
one mile a day stacks up as a powerful, non toxic, stress busting medicine that has few rivals.

And as your fitness level improves you can burn more calories in less time by taking longer steps. Walking becomes serious exercise when you get low!