tinnitus ringing in the ears

Tinnitus ringing in the ears may have no cure..

But so many upper cervical care patients find significant relief that it deserves investigation.

Nearly 90% of sufferers acquired nerve nerve damage from loud noise.
These patients will respond less than others to any form of treatment.
But the remaining 10%, about 5 million Americans,
respond very well with specific upper cervical chiropractic.

Because this type of tinnitus comes from pressure causing irritation to the hearing nerve.

Ringing in ears is also a common side effect of over 200 different drugs, including but not limited to:

  • aspirin
  • antibiotic
  • anti-inflammatory
  • anti-depressant

Since many upper cervical patients do not need these medications that reduces the risk.

Stress and fatigue magnify all forms of tinnitus and specific upper cervical chiropractic may help most with this group.

Why upper cervical chiropractic might help with tinnitus.

When ringing in the ears is caused by pressure in the ear, a specific upper cervical chiropractic adjustment could help. Here’s why:

The drain tube of the ear could be compressed by tight muscles from an irritated neck joint. And the no twist no crack adjustment, reduces irritation in the joint and the muscles around it.

Irritation in the neck joints, even without pain in the neck sends the inflammation alarm to the brain, increasing stress.

Then the brain secretes stress hormones which magnify any pre-existing problem.

The specific upper cervical chiropractic adjustment reduces joint irritation and stops the stress response in the brain and hormones.

While this may sound like science fiction, researchers have measured this phenomenon using PET scan. PET scan is a fancy MRI that can measure metabolism in the brain and shows what areas of the brain are active.

The area of the stress response measurably changes for the better with a specific upper cervical adjustment.

In conclusion, minimizing stress reduces ringing in the ears.