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Meet Dr. Thomas Polucki DC

Growing up in a medical family, Dr. Thomas Polucki DC believed, as most people do, that drugs and surgery were the way to handle health conditions. When he was 16, Thomas Polucki was testing for advanced placement to Johns Hopkins medical school, was on 5 prescription medications had two orthopedic surgeries, an abdominal surgery and was scheduled to have his tonsils removed.

He hurt his neck and couldn’t turn his head. This was the one condition that his conventional medical family reluctantly thought that chiropractic might help with. Within a few chiropractic treatments he could move again and that chiropractor took the time and interest to talk to Thomas about his other health issues.

Santa Clarita Chiropractor - Dr. Thomas Polucki

That doctor believed that all of Thomas' different health challenges were connected and tried to explain the difference between treating symptoms and getting healthier. This changed Polucki's established health beliefs and he did not go to Johns Hopkins and in the past 30 years he has not needed any medications.

Unfortunately Polucki's father and uncle never really embraced his proactive wellness approach towards healthcare and are gone now, both way too early, even with the finest medical attention.

"I hope I can inspire some of you today to start taking more control over your health.

For over 21 years, my patients, my network of advisers, my staff and I work together as a team.

It is not uncommon for my patients to have already seen 4 or 5 specialists
and still have their problems.
More often than not I am able to help no matter how many things they have tried because my unique wellness approach focuses on restoring function instead of covering up symptoms." - Dr. Thomas Polucki DC

  • We test for the right nutrition for that individual to balance their metabolism and help them permanently lose weight.
  • We order advanced diagnostic labs to determine hormonal imbalances and other hidden internal stressors.
  • We sometimes supplement with bio identical hormones, when people are too run down from chronic stress.
  • We design rehabilitation exercise programs to restore flexibility, strength and athletic performance.
  • We run detoxification programs to cleanse the body of the 80 000 environmental toxins our bodies are exposed to every week in our food, air and water.
  • We find undetected nerve damage from accumulation of micro traumas and restore normal posture and function with a very gentle and precise form of chiropractic. (no twisting or cracking)

Some people respond best to simple dietary modifications, others may have not-so-obvious challenges that standard tests miss.

Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor

Several people want natural supplements to get them through a particularly stressful time and some people could use help with detoxifying.

Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

Most people require connective tissue rehabilitation to relieve pain, increase flexibility and improve strength and endurance.

Student Faculty Southern California University of Health Sciences 2001

Others may need to literally get their head on straight to reduce stress and strain.

Certified Advanced Upper Cervical Instructor

Technique Faculty Sherman College of Chiropractic 1999

While my methods may be contrary to mainstream medicine, at times,

I will always respect your wishes for as long as we work together towards improving your health.

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    Meet Dr. Thomas Polucki DC Growing up in a medical family, Dr. Thomas Polucki DC…