Shoulder Pain Relief

Shoulder Pain Relief

 A drug-free, non-surgical approach towards lasting shoulder pain relief.

Shoulder pain relief does not always require surgery.

I have to admit I’m biased, by the time people get to me, many of them have tried drugs, physical therapy, conventional chiropractic, acupuncture and surgery and still had the shoulder pain. I am sure that any of those treatments work for many people, just not the ones I see.

All the shoulder pain patients I see have issues outside of their shoulder that are why after all the excellent care they received from other caring practitioners, they still have their shoulder pain.

Emotional and mental stress is often a factor.

Chemical stress from diet or medication is often involved.

Almost always there is a neck issue that often has no other symptoms than shoulder pain.

That is my secret formula for lasting shoulder pain relief. Find why it is not better already and support healing as fast as possible.

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Shoulder Pain Relief