Severe Shoulder Pain Relief

Severe Shoulder Pain Relief is all that matters when it feels like there is a knife in your back, even after pills, physical therapy, shots and surgery.

I helped many shoulder pain patients for over 10 years before I had a shoulder problem of my own.

I already knew that if there is a history of neck injury, which I had, the neck was most likely involved.

So I got some excellent chiropractic care but I still had the shoulder pain. It felt like there was a knife in my back that would only go away, temporarily, in certain positions.

I was constantly searching for that relief position, it looked like I had Parkinson’s Disease.

I was miserable for nearly a year even with physical therapy and natural anti-inflammatory medication.

I thought I was going to be in pain for the rest of my life, I even considered surgery, even though I had seen so many post surgical shoulder pain  patients.

Then something amazing happened, my shoulder pain disappeared after swimming under a water fall. I didn’t understand how it got better, I was just grateful that the pain was gone.

I know it sounds crazy but by luck or divine intervention, the combination of shoulder movement while swimming and the pounding water on the the joints and connective tissues of my shoulder did something that no doctor had been able to do for me.

It wasn’t until a few years and many continued education seminars later that I cracked the severe shoulder pain relief code and was duplicate the relief I found under that waterfall for my patients consistently.

After a quick and easy non-invasive exam that goes through a checklist of the joints and connective tissues, we are usually able to isolate the injured tissue and give some immediate relief.

Depending on many contributing factors, it could be that simple or it may take a few visits, with some homework and occasionally it can take several treatments with extensive rehabilitation, but almost everyone that sticks with it gets better without anymore drugs or surgery.

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Severe Shoulder Pain Relief