Sciatica Relief

Sciatica Relief

Sciatica relief may be less complicated than your doctors would have you believe.

In my 25 years of treating sciatica, I have not yet sent 1 person for surgery, even though I work with excellent surgeons.

I have not sent 1 person for cortisone shots, even though many sciatica patients come to me after that did not give them the relief they were looking for.

I have not sent 1 person for physical therapy because again, most had already tried that.

I do not recommend over the counter anti-inflammatory medication because there is no amount of drugs you can take to remove the pressure from that sciatic nerve.

There is a place for those things but when you are ready to get the pressure of that nerve
without surgery or expensive and timely decompression “programs” of care,
it is time to schedule a consultation with me.

Each case is different and I can’t promise anything, especially without reviewing your records, examining you
and seeing how you respond to a few different kinds of treatment.

If you would like to learn how to stop the leg pain fast and not have it return soon,
take our free, confidential survey and see if you qualify
for a complimentary consultation.

Most doctors charge at least $200 for this kind of consultation but I won’t take your case
unless I know I can help you and I don’t think you should pay $200 to find out.

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Sciatica Relief