Pain Relief Exposed

Pain Relief Exposed!

The Functional Approach to Lasting Pain Relief Exposed

Want a peek behind the scenes of finally cracking and more importantly hacking the pain code?

  • Discover insider pain management secrets,
    banned from commercial media.
  • The devastating costly lies force fed to us
    by ruthless profiteers of pain.
  • Scary and surprising pain and brain research
    results which could save a loved one’s life.

Join me for an eye opening exploration of the architecture of agony. A peek into the strange and hidden world of pain, stress, nerves, connections and the chemistry of life.

Look no further for validation because extensive research has proven that these little known, somewhat controversial pain hacks are the medicine of the future.

Are you ready to take your pain game to a whole new level?

Time to Step Up Because

those who count on you the most, need you to be at your best.

Pain Managed

To respond to the ever increasing backlash from over 50,000 prescription painkiller deaths per year we need a clear understanding of pain and the value of non-toxic relief.

Of course political, legislative and conventional medicine influencers want nothing to change… Given that Oxycontin alone provides $3 BILLION of profit every year for its manufacturer Purdue Pharma. And that buys a lot of public opinion.

By The Way… Even the most conservative estimate for yearly over the counter painkiller related deaths tops 4500…  With some estimates of over 16000. Yes aspirin kills!

But fear of pain can only motivate the masses for so long. And enslaving a nation with chemical dependency has brought our healthcare system to the bring of catastrophic failure. (1)


Do You Know Your Enemy

First of all pain is the alarm not the adversary. Not to mention that most pain prevents further injury. But some pain outlives its usefulness and becomes damaging in and of itself.

So differentiating between important alarms and dangerous misinforming chatter separates the masters from the masses.

Toxicity issues aside, masking all pain without investigating
the cause creates catastrophic consequences.

Seems too much like being ripped from sleep by a screaming smoke detector and then just taking the batteries out and going back to bed… Without bothering to see if the house is burning down.

Want a better strategy?

The Sixth Sense

Pain shares some of its connection to the brain with the other senses.
And specifically stimulating these other senses can reduce acute pain
and in some cases eliminate chronic pain.

Like when you bang your shin on the coffee table… Doesn’t rubbing it lessen the pain?

Of course it does… And that’s because both pain and touch, at some point share the same communication pathway to the brain thus exposing the pain signal to the possibility of overwrite.

In fact multiple redundant fail safe systems exist in the nerve system. And that opens  more opportunities for hacking the pain code.

Regardless of which initial pain receptor gets triggered, or amazingly how far away from the spine… The first cell relay takes place in the the spinal cord. So that means that if you stub your toe… One single nerve cell stretches all the way back to the spinal column… And the whole pain to the brain pathway consist of 3 nerve cells…

Trillions of nerve cells in the body and it only takes 3 nerves to get a pain signal from anywhere in the body to the brain in 1/120th of a second.

Amazing. Isn’t it?

Split Decision

At the point where that first sensor cell relays it’s alarm signal to the second relay cell in the spinal cord, where both sensory input, headed to the brain and motor output headed back to the associated connective tissues, cross paths for the first time. And that creates a valuable opportunity for local pain inhibition.

Then again one more relay point, between the second and third nerve cells in the pain to the brain pathway exists with the potential for further intervention.

Imagine each of the 3 nerve cell connecting points in the pain to the brain pathway as having a gate. With all the gates open the brain experiences the full pain signal. But close any of the three gates and reduction or even elimination of the pain signal becomes possible. (2)

For the first time, this theory of pain gating unifies the proposed pain relief benefits of acupuncture, chiropractic, exercise, massage and physical therapies.

Even more amazingly, signals traveling back down from the brain along this same path can close the pain gates as well. And that further unifies the pain management strategies of biofeedback, meditation, hypnosis and even psychotropic medications.

In a moment I’ll share the government studies on which therapies work best… But first…

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The Architecture of Agony

WARNING: Big new words ahead…But I promise to clarify the gibberish as we move forward…

First of all nociception or the sense of pain starts with triggering an action potential or electrochemically charged spark generated in a neuron or nerve cell. And that spark of pain data travels through the pain to the brain chain of… How many neurons?

That’s right just 3 nerves!

But the amount of pain perceived by the brain from any pain sensor varies in part by the  transmission nerve fibers used by those front line pain sensors, called nociceptors.

So nociceptors with skinnier nerve fibers transmit a slower, less powerful spark of pain data than nociceptors with thicker transmission fibers.

Also myelin the fatty white substance insulating some nerve transmission fibers allows faster upload/download speeds. (3)

As mentioned earlier the first nociception relay happens in the spinal cord’s posterior horn where the signal splits. The signal can continue onto the brain but has to pass through two more relay cells either in the spinal cord or the brain itself. More importantly each of these relay points can downgrade the pain signal.

pain gates santa clarita chiropractor Dr. Thomas Polucki

pain gates

Front-line Freedom Fighters

All in all Free Nerve Endings are the AK47 of the nerve system, multipurpose, the most abundant, uncomplicated, fast and brutally efficient sensors. These raw nerves send many senses back to the brain.

FNE can sense temperature, touch, pressure, stretch and pain. Since un-specialized free nerve endings are sensitive to so many senses they provide a front line hack to pain.

Remember the example of rubbing the banged shin? Free Nerve Endings sense the injury of banging the shin but they also sense the pressure and stretch from rubbing the skin. And this one sensor type can both sense and overwrite the pain signal.

Before the pain spark reaches the brain, cold and pressure from FNE could overwrite it… Possibly the best benefit of an the outdated injury protocol known as RICE which stands for Rest Ice Compression and Elevation.

In a moment we’ll uncover more about pain gating. But first please allow me to introduce a relief muscle car and how to get the best performance out of it.

Donde Estas?

Propriception means the sense of positional relationships between body parts and the level of effort employed in their movement. Golgi Tendon Organs are proprioceptors that sense changes in muscle tension.

GTOs use fast and fat data streaming fiber with transmission speeds clocked at 268 miles per hour, GTOs provide another opportunity for proprioception to overwrite nociception.

Like nociception, proprioception signals enter the spinal cord in the dorsal root, relay in the dorsal horn and split their signal just like their painful cousins. 

More about that in a moment… But first how do you really feel about stress?

STRESS the Good the Bad and the Ugly

In spite of the bad press that stress gets, some stress can actually reduce pain. And again like pain the alarm stage of stress response could save your life. But chronic mismanaged stress leads to exhaustion and connects all of the the top killer diseases.

To illustrate, imagine driving down an unfamiliar deserted back road in the middle of the night. And out of nowhere high beams almost blind you in the rear view mirror.

You don’t know what’s going on but your heart races, you get a tight feeling in your gut and oddly enough the chronic pain in your knee goes away.

When someone experiences what stress researchers call the alarm phase a flood of chemicals surge through the body preparing it to run or fight.

And pain signals get turned down in fight or flight mode.


So pain signals get turned down along with digestion and immune responses because any of those could get in the way of the super human power unleashed by stress hormones.

But all that potential energy comes at a price… Back to our story…

As it turns out the car out of nowhere belongs to Highway Patrol and you get pulled over.

If the officer is nice and gives you a friendly warning, stress hormones drop off and your internal bodily functions return to normal.

And stress researchers refer to as the adaptation phase.


But if you get arrested, go to jail, lose your job, marriage and your new cell mate decides to make every day a living hell…

Soon you experience what stress researchers refer to as exhaustion. Where because of the constant surge of stress hormones you eventually burn out your life support systems.


While easy to see in this story, most people with chronic pain
are never too far from exhaustion or a life threatening health event.

Pain Stress Pain Repeat

As shown above, pain and stress parallel each other in their short term usefulness and long term devastation. Now see how they feed into each other with the neuroendocrine or nerve hormone loop.

Eventually we all experience stress and pain. How we process both varies greatly in each of us and also changes depending on a few key factors.

Sympathetic tone describes the spectrum between rest-repair-reproduce or feed and breed  and the battle stations or fight and flight mode.

In brief the hormone cortisol indicates the level of sympathetic tone. Considered the stress hormone, cortisol is actually a glucocorticosteroid which means it’s made in the cortex of the adrenal gland and helps regulate sugar metabolism.(4)

Cortisol levels naturally change throughout the day, with the highest levels first thing in the morning. Another good reason to make exercise a morning priority.

The phases of stress also effect cortisol levels with a spike during the alarm phase,
return to normal during adaptation phase and bottoming out in exhaustion phase.

Cortisol acts as a master hormone with nearly ever system, organ, tissue and cell responding to cortisol levels.

Exhausted levels of cortisol lead to wide spread oxidative inflammatory damage, which increases risk of heart disease,cancer, cerebrovascular disease, diabetes….pain, digestive issues including autoimmune hypersensitivities and depression.(5)

Pain Damaged

Occasionally everyone experiences back pain but those who live with chronic back pain might not remember. Because they lose 11 percent of their thinking brain every year.

Up to 20 years of premature aging… For Every Year of Chronic Pain!

According to a 2004 Study at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine…(6)

With memory, emotions and social behavior affected in as little as three months of chronic low back pain.

By the way… Anti-inflammatory and pain killing medication does not stop the damage.

Good News Pain Relief Exposed

Beyond Local Pain Gating,
Chiropractic Adjustments Measurably Improve Sympathetic Tone.

Recently, using a Positron Emission Tomography PET scan, Japanese researchers measured the effects of chiropractic spinal manipulation on cerebral metabolism.

And what that means is how chiropractic adjustments effect sugar uptake in specific areas of the brain. Because sugar uptake correlates with sympathetic tone. Plus the areas of the brain studied control stress and pain responses in the rest of the body.

The results indicated that the specific chiropractic adjustment positively affects regional cerebral glucose metabolism related to relaxation and pain reduction.(7)

And what that really means is that specific chiropractic measurably produces fast lasting pain relief
with outstanding side benefits!

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Until now we’ve only discussed the afferent or pain to the brain signals.
With the possibility of reducing the signal by overwhelming the sensor cell at the first cell relay or at the second nerve cell in the three cell pain to the brain chain.

But efferent, descending or brain to the pain gating exists as well.

Research on the descending pain gate pathways started nearly forty years ago.
And the phenomenon varies greatly from person to person, influenced in part by neuroendocrine stressors and opiod sensitivity.

Gates of Hell

  1. To review pain gaiting… First an electrochemical spark called an action potential gets generated in a pain sensing nerve.
  2. Then that action potential travels along that nerve’s fiber all the way to the spine. And the thicker the fiber the faster and more powerful the action potential. Also if the the fiber has myelin insulating it that too makes the action potential faster.
  3. Furthermore the action potential must pass through two more nerve cells or interneurons to register in the brain as pain.
  4. At each point in the path to the brain, the action potential can get interrupted by virtual gates influenced by competing action potentials heading to or from the brain.
  5. On passing through the brain stem, the information superhighway connecting tissue of the spinal cord, cerebellum and cerebral cortex, the action potential may trigger the release of endogenous or internally body made opioids and cannabinoids.

However opiates and even over the counter painkillers desensitize the system to endogenous pain gating and actually cause chronic pain to become more frequent and severe.

Pain in the Brain

Alarm or acute pain, like “stabbing and shooting” pain travels on fast fat fibers and rarely gets gated because it often alerts the brain to take immediate action to prevent further injury.

However chronic pain, like “dull aching” travels on slower fibers and may get gated along the way and take a path through the brain.

Once in the brain acute pain shoots through the thalamus to the cerebral cortex the thinking part of the brain.

But chronic pain takes a different path through the hypothalamus.

And the hypothalamus is the neuroendocrine master control center
bridging the gap between the nerve and hormone systems.

pituitary hormones santa clarita chiropractor Dr. Thomas Polucki

pituitary hormones

The hypothalamus secretes releasing hormones that act on the neighboring pituitary gland.(8)

And the pituitary gland secretes hormones that in turn regulate other hormone producing glands in the body like the:

  • thyroid for metabolism,
  • sex organs for reproduction and virility,
  • adrenals for
  1. stress management,
  2. immune responses,
  3. blood pressure,
  4. protein fat and sugar metabolism,
  5. injury repair and pain management.

Any non-toxic approach to optimizing the neuroendocrine system provides hope to our  ailing healthcare system, mortally wounded by money grubbing pain profiteers.

More importantly optimizing the neuroendocrine system saves lives!

All Connected

Joints allow the rigid framework of the body to move and require
streamlined feedback loops in the central nerve system to move smoothly.

And this system of joint nerve feedback provides an excellent opportunity for pain gating.

Remember the ak47 free nerve endings FNE and the muscle car golgi tendon organs GTOs?

In spinal joints, these two are on a slow skinny fiber network that can’t beat acute pain to the gate. But they can shut down the gate for most chronic pain.

Also two new receptors, on faster fatter fibers add to the pain gating potential in spinal joints.

Ruffini Endings, inside the joint, create an action potential easily but take some time to reload and fire again. They create action potentials whenever the joint moves or experiences pressure making them ideal posture monitors.

Their action potential travels on a fatter faster fiber and can beat chronic and even some acute action potentials to the gate.

Paciniform Endings surround the joints and create action potentials, reload and fire quickly. They create action potentials on sudden changes in joint position during acceleration and deceleration.

Their action potentials travel on fast fat fibers and can beat most other action potentials to the gate.

A Joint Venture

Adjacent joint surfaces are perfectly paired three dimensional  mirrored surfaces to ensure smooth efficient movement for life. And joint sensors help the brain maintain posture and to negotiate smooth balanced movement.

When any joint surface gets off track with it’s adjacent mirror joint surface, abnormal firing of joint sensors put disruptive feedback into the neroendocrine system.

While these spinal joint misalignments eventually create disease, early warning signs may include:

  1. poor posture,
  2. stiff joints,
  3. abnormal skin sensations,
  4. chronically tense muscles,
  5. headaches,
  6. fatigue,
  7. sleep disruption
  8. and sometimes pain.

Whereas many pain gating therapies, both conventional and alternative are proven incredibly effective at temporary pain management…

If stiff joints or tight muscles persist only correcting the misaligned joint can restore balance to the neuroendocrine system.(9)

Down the Up Ladder

Emotional stress, anxiety and fear produce stress hormones but can also open the gates for more pain to register in the brain.(10)

And that may explain the medical popularity of using anti-depressants as off label painkillers even with the increased risk of suicide…

So things like:

  • sedentary lifestyle,
  • the inflammatory Standard American Diet,
  • long term daily pain killer use,
  • poor posture,
  • chronic stress,
  • fear and depression



  • exercise,
  • anti-inflammatory diet,
  • posture rehabilitation,
  • meditation and focusing on helping others


Back It Up Pain Relief Exposed

Sooner or later you get asked to cite your references. More to the point… Who says so?
There in lies the saving grace of a frightening amount of targeted scrutiny for the past century. So here’s some unconditional proof.

As per the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services…(11)

“Expensive tests, prescription drugs and surgical procedures used to diagnose and treat acute low back pain are largely ineffective.

Rather, experts recommend spinal manipulation, a procedure performed by doctors of chiropractic, as being the most effective treatment for low back conditions.”

Like wise the Ministry of Health in Ontario, Canada

“chiropractic management is greatly superior to medical management in terms of scientific validity, safety, cost-effectiveness and patient satisfaction”.

Manga, et al. The Effectiveness and Cost Effectiveness of Chiropractic Management of Low-Back Pain. Ministry of Health, Government of Ontario, September 1993.(12)

As well as Britain’s National Health Service Medical Research Council

Chiropractic treatment was more effective than hospital outpatient management, mainly for patients with chronic or severe back pain.”

“Low Back Pain of Mechanical Origin: Randomized Comparison of Chiropractic and Hospital Outpatient Treatment,” Meade et al. British Medical Journal, June 2,1990; 300, 1431-1436.(13)

And the Journal of Orthopaedic Medicine

“Chiropractic, the Only Proven Effective Treatment for Chronic Whiplash”

Khan S., Cook J., Gargan M., Bannister G., “A Symptomatic Classification of Whiplash Injury and the Implications for Treatment”, Journal of Orthopaedic Medicine 1999.(14)

Once outlawed and continuously challenged to this day,
chiropractic consistently produces outstanding results.

That has the potential for much more than just non-toxic pain relief.

Because only chiropractors address the often overlooked,
generally misdiagnosed and almost always mistreated
Spinal joint-Proprioceptor-Interference-Neuro-Endocrine complex.

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