Low Back Pain Game Changer

Low Back Pain Game Changer

When multi-million dollar sports professionals get spinal surgery we see the real value in avoiding surgery.

Notably Tiger Woods and Steve Kerr got recent media attention for the real cost of their failed back surgeries.

At one time Tiger Woods was considered by many as the best golfer of all time. But after four spinal surgeries in as many years Tiger Woods still suffers with disabling low back pain. Presently struggling with prescription painkillers for his now chronic back pain,  the legend can barely function.

World championship Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr very publicly voiced his regrets about his failed back surgery. As a result of disabling post surgical low back pain Steve Kerr missed several games over the past two years.

Low Back Pain After “successful” Surgery

Now new research explains why back surgery has such a disappointing and costly track record. First the study points out that a staggering percentage of people still have disabling low back pain after “successful” surgery.

Then then the research paper goes on to explain why back surgery has such low patient satisfaction despite its popularity.

As a result of small pressure differences between normal
and restricted spinal joints the related discs break down.

Finally treating the damaged discs with drugs and surgery does nothing to restore normal spinal joint function. Regardless of the type of disc surgery from laser, minimally invasive to spinal fusion disabling pain too often persists.

Not to mention the growing epidemic of prescription painkiller addiction…

Be that as it may, too many patients with pain, herniated discs and arthritis undergo ineffective surgery. Or worse wind up addicted to prescription painkillers at the recommendation of their medical doctors.

Finally New Hope For Low Back Pain

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