DigiMe Marketing For Chiropractors

DigiMe Marketing For Chiropractors SCAM

On 06/20/2017 I entered into agreement with DigiMe Marketing for Chiropractors to run a Facebook Ads campaign

After two weeks with no marketing campaign delivered, I began correspondence on 07/06/2017.

On 07/08/2017 I requested a refund and on 07/10/2017 Allison Sima claimed marketing designs were ready for review and approval, 2 days after I requested a refund.

So I again requested a refund with the expectation, from the cancellation policy in the contract, that I would get a refund in 48 hours.

On 07/14/2017 Allison Sima replied that accounting was only available Mondays and Wednesdays.

So I replied that I expected refund on the following Monday. To which Allison Sima claimed that the material marketing material was designed but I wanted a refund anyway.

And that it would be handled.

To be clear, I asked for a refund after waiting for over two weeks with no response and no material was ever presented, only promised two days after I cancelled our agreement and asked for a refund.

DigiMe Marketing For Chiropractors Rip Off

After the following Wednesday I filed a claim dispute with my bank upon recommendation of my attorney. But because the charge came from a “business” my bank can’t do anything.
Hopefully MasterCard can help.

At this time, eight weeks after paying over $700 for a marketing campaign that never happened, DigiMe Marketing has made no attempt to refund.

Under advisement of my attorney I am waiting to see if MasterCard can help.
I posted a review on Yelp and now this post as a warning to other chiropractors.
But that does not get my $700 back.

Don’t Let This Happen To You