Concussion Sports Injury

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Concussion Sports Injury
happens much more frequently than most people think.

oncussion Sports Injury

Concussion Sports Injury
Dr Thomas Polucki
Santa Clarita Chiropractor


Finally recognized officially by the NFL, but
most first concussions occur in high school or earlier.

And an estimated 70% of high school football players with concussion still play.
Because their coaches use dangerously outdated information about detecting concussion.

Most first concussions do not cause a loss of consciousness.

And the real damage occurs from the second concussion.

Doctors treated 3.8 million athletes with concussion in 2012.

And half these concussion patients got injured during practice, not during the big game.

You don’t have to hit your head to get a concussion, impulse concussion happens when the brain gets whiplashed.

Whiplash only takes 10 Gs (10 times the force of gravity) to cause soft tissue injury to the neck.

Some football players are hit with forces over 90 Gs.

So any detected concussion automatically causes whiplash neck injury as well that will slow recovery if not treated.

Conventional medical treatments include: rest, decreased sensory input and drugs for symptoms.

But the functional treatment of concussion includes:

  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids to help in the repair of damaged brain tissue.
  • Movement Therapies to keep blood flowing in the brain.
  • Addressing Insulin Resistance to decrease further chemical irritation in the brain.
  • Reducing Glutamate Intake to decrease further chemical irritation in the brain.
  • Restoring Optimal Brain Blood Flow with appropriate Chiropractic adjustments that relax blood vessels in the brain.

Addressing all the post concussion factors ensures better outcomes.

All sports injuries could end scholarships or careers before they even start.
But concussion can ruin a life.

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Because your symptoms could get worse.
And if we accept your case and you get better

you will feel better, perform better and be less likely to get hurt again!

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Concussion Sports Injury