Better Knee Pain Relief

Better Knee Pain Relief. When pills aren’t enough, the cortisone shots have worn off, the physical therapy isn’t helping and you don’t want surgery…

1 in 10 people have knee pain. Too many just try to ignore it, until they can’t. Then more often than not, they don’t get the relief they are looking for in medication and physical therapy.

When it gets to the point of surgery, approximately 80% of people who get knee surgery are satisfied with the results. Not too bad. But what if you could get those results without the expense or risk of complications?

Pain in the knee is not always just because of a problem in the knee.

There are contributing factors to knee pain from head to toe, and unless all are checked, relief will be temporary at best, no matter what you try.

Many people believe that prescription anti-inflammatory medication offers the best relief for knee pain but some studies show that the active ingredient in the spice turmeric is just as good, without toxicity.

Even though doctors are now being held responsible for opiate prescription related deaths,
the drug companies keep coming up with stronger and more dangerous drugs. But CBD, the pain killing ingredient, without the “high” of THC in medical marijuana, gives many people non-toxic, non-addictive relief.

When the knee is “bone on bone” most people are convinced that surgery is the only option. But an international study the included the Army VA Hospital found that non-surgical knee decompression gave the same relief as surgery.

No matter where you are with your knee pain, there are Simple Affordable Nontoxic Effective options for fast lasting relief. If you are ready to give something completely different a try.

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Better Knee Pain Relief