Weight Loss

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Weight Loss

With so many confusing, often contradictory opinions about weight loss, what and who can you trust?

1 Trust yourself. You know you have a problem.

2 You need to set an easy win goal with a deadline.

For example: The only beverage I WILL drink for 1 day is water.

3 Do it!

Repeat daily with new easy win goals focusing on food and exercise.

There are countless plans, systems, diets and now even surgery is an accepted strategy.

Hopefully you are aware of the inherent risks of surgery.

Ultimately, change has to come from within you. You must decide that weight loss is

“a must” and not “a should”.

Set your ideal weight, a weight that would make you feel good.

  • Write down why you must achieve this goal.
  • What pain will it cause you emotionally to remain overweight?
  • What new pleasures will you feel when you accomplish your goal?
  • What will people be telling you when you look thinner?
  • How will that make you feel?

There will be challenges with any approach. It helps to have support. It helps to have feed back. It helps to pay attention to how food makes you feel. And how you feel when you are drawn to certain foods. Getting a more permanent weight loss solution begins with you, not looking for someone or something to make it happen for you but deciding you will change.

Once you have decided, it helps to know how metabolism really works.

Finding the right fuel mix for you. Paying attention to how you feel. Pay attention to results you are getting. Do whatever it takes to safely meet your goals. Enjoy your new life!

If you would like a complimentary consultation for to see if you are a good candidate for naturally easier weight loss, call 661-753-9340 now because your weight problem could get worse, and if we accept your case and you lose weight you will feel better, look younger and probably live longer without the extra weight!

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