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Whiplash Relief

Whiplash relief can only happen with proper treatment. Conventional sprain- strain symptomatic treatment rarely prevents long term and needless suffering.

While medication may offer temporary relief, there is no pill or injection that realigns an injured joint. Would you take a pill to set a broken leg?

And any form of exercise prior to proper realignment just irritates the joint worse.
Would you try to walk off a sprained ankle?

And just rest with anti-inflammatory protocols do nothing to rehabilitate the injured joint.
Haven't you ever re-sprained an ankle that was just "getting better".

The part of whiplash that often becomes chronic disability is un-rehabilitated injured joints.

Spinal mechanics are misunderstood by most doctors but it's not that complicated.

Any joint is a 3 dimensional structure where two separate bones come together and move in a way that is described by the surfaces that are interacting. Like gears or sprockets.

If the teeth of a gear is out of alignment with it's mate, there is no amount of oil or horsepower that is going to get that gear working better.

Proper alignment must be the first step, then balance and motion, then restrengthening.
This process may need to be repeated several times throughout the healing process.

The modern chiropractor does not twist or crack as this rarely realigns all the gears involved. A Swiss watch maker does not have a sledgehammer on his workbench.

If you would like a complimentary consultation to help find out why you are still not better from your whiplash injury, call 661-753-9340 now because your pain could get worse, and if we accept your case and you get better you will feel better, look younger and probably live longer without pain!

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Whiplash Relief