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Shoulder Pain Relief

Shoulder Pain Relief is all you can think about when you feel like there is an invisible knife in your shoulder, you'll do anything to get some relief.

But if you can avoid surgery you should try.

There is usually a neck problem when there is shoulder pain and because there is rarely neck pain, very few doctors even bother examining the neck as source of the shoulder pain.

But shoulder pain is one of the most common referral patterns of neck joint malfunction and no amount of medication, shoulder therapy, injections or surgeries will give lasting shoulder pain relief if there is a problem in the neck.

There can also be referred pain from individual muscles in the rotator cuff that need specific treatment.

A very common shoulder pain contributor is the AC joint where the collar bone and shoulder blade come together.

All of these usual suspects need to be looked at very closely when shoulder pain doesn't just go away after a course of anti-inflammatory medication and some physical therapy.

But before you think surgery is your only option you should get a different kind of second opinion.

The modern chiropractor doesn't need to twist or crack your neck or back to produce fast-lasting relief for shoulder pain.

Once all the underlying causes are found a custom tailored approach unique to each person and problem guarantees the best possible results.

If you would like a complimentary consultation to help find out why you still have not found lasting shoulder pain relief, call 661-753-9340 now because your pain could get worse, and if we accept your case and you get better you will feel better without pain!


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Shoulder Pain Relief