Meet Dr. Thomas Polucki

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Dr. Thomas Polucki, DC, Santa Clarita ChiropractorMeet Dr. Thomas Polucki a Santa Clarita Chiropractor that provides fast, lasting relief for back pain, sciatica, aching knees, headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain and wrist pain without drugs, surgery or the twisting and cracking type of chiropractic that makes many people uncomfortable about considering a Santa Clarita Chiropractor to treat these conditions.

After 25 years of practice and teaching at two chiropractic colleges, Santa Clarita Chiropractor Dr. Thomas Polucki has many simple, affordable and naturally effective solutions for back pain and sports injuries.

While some Santa Clarita Chiropractors treat every patient, with every condition exactly the same way, twisting and cracking their spines, Dr. Polucki determines the appropriate treatment for each patient and each condition.

Above is video demonstrating a quick and easy evaluation and treatment for a woman who not satisfied with her experience at other Santa Clarita Chiropractors. But she was more tired of the constant pain that was keeping her from being the best mother she could be for her son than she was afraid of trying something different. Within minutes, we discussed her health challenges, we found the problem and gave a precise adjustment. She was surprised at how much relief was possible with such a quick and easy therapy.

Santa Clarita Chiropractor Dr. Thomas Polucki also has advanced certifications in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, Metabolic Typing and Functional Medicine that allows him to help people with drug-free, non-surgical solutions to permanent weight loss, nutritional detoxification, allergies, bio-identical hormones, sleep and digestive tract rehabilitation.

Listen to Santa Clarita Chiropractor Dr. Thomas Polucki every Monday at 11:00 am on KHTS AM 1220. The Doctor Polucki Family Health Hour also streams live and previous pod-casts can also be found at

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