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Answer a few important questions about your biggest health challenge and you may qualify for a free 15 minute consultation.

Thank you for taking the next step towards better understanding and possibly fast lasting relief to your health issues.

This probably isn’t the first place you’ve looked for relief so here’s what’s different.

The next step is finding someone who has already achieved the results you are looking for and was able to help others achieve that goal as well. Then just do what they did.

Once you start that process it is important to pay attention to the results you are getting and make sure that you are getting closer to your goal. Even if something works for everyone else you may need to do things a little differently for it to work for you.

Hello. My name is Dr Thomas Polucki,DC and I am a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner.

For over twenty-five years people consult with me from around the world to find solutions to their health problems.

You may qualify for a free 15 minute consultation by answering a few important questions below.

I put great value on my time. Therefore, once your time is arranged it cannot be re-scheduled for free unless you give 24 hours notice.

If you are unable to make the call and unable to give 24 hours notice, the call can only be rescheduled for a fee of $150.00.

Once I receive the answers to the survey below, along with your preferred call times, we will confirm your consultation time.

I look forward to speaking with you.

Thomas Polucki, DC